A step by step guide to help you grow your seed. 

1. Remove the casing from the peat pellets, add to a bowl and pour warm water over the pellets until the water is absorbed and all dark brown. Sit it until the soil cool.

2. Add soil to the pot leaving a small handful aside.

3. Sprinkle the seeds on the top of the soil, then add the remanning soil on top.

4. Water

 During the germination stage it is best to keep the soil moist but not wet, this is best done by leaving the plug out of the planter to ensure good drainage and then once you see some growth you water less frequently, it is at this stage you can add the ashes to the base. Although the plug has proven to work effectively we recommend that your pets ashes are kept in a waterproof bag incase the planter overfills or anything else of the like. 

Also we would just like to add, we welcome people who are considering buying a mature plant from the nursery. There are plenty of appropriate plants for indoor use that would look lovely in these planters. No judgement here.  

Love Cx