Where do we ship from?

All of our orders are designed, printed and dispatched from Victoria, Australia. 


How Long will it take?

Within 72 hours with the artwork proof for approval then once approved your artwork will go ahead for printing and firing in a kiln (this takes 4-7 days)


Can I see the artwork before it is printed?

Yes, we’ll email you within 72 hours.


What are the dimensions of the pot planter?

11cm High x 10cm Diameter


Can you put pet cremation ashes in the base?


Each planter comes with a plug to stop any water dripping into the base tray, if you choose to store ashes, it may also be a great idea to put them into a small bag so if you were to remove the top planter the ashes do no spill. 


Can you plant established plants instead of using the soil and seeds provided?

That is a great idea for people who are not confident growing from seed or have tried and are not having any luck. There are many varieties of plants that can be ideal for indoor, cactus/succulents are a great option, money plants, ficus, monstera monkey and many more.