My name is Chantal and this is my rescue pug, Winston. 

Pets in Bloom was born out of my own desire to reflect what I was going through after I lost my last dog. I remember receiving the brochure over the counter at the Vets minutes after saying goodbye, flicking only to discover pure disappointment. Everything looked dated and dull and honestly did not replicate the love I had for my pet, along with the aesthetic of my home. So I created my first Planter Urn to remember her by.

Visitors would often comment on how cute an idea it was, I even made one for a friend. It got me thinking..... Maybe, this is something others may enjoy, so from that... Pets In Bloom was born.

I feel like pet grief is really not supported in the culture as a true form of Grief and I think that needs to change. I endeavour to do all I can to help and support Furry/scaly/feathered Parents broken hearts all over the world. I want to create a safe space where you don't need to hide you grief because according to others "It's just a pet" so hopefully I can help you through your healing journey.

Chantal xxx

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I GOT CHU and I get it

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